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Formed in 2012 by a group of tech-savvy outdoor enthusiasts, our mission has always been to simply encourage others to get outdoors while supporting the businesses that help us do so.

Get Out Technologies develops innovative tech-based solutions for the Outdoor Sports & Recreation Industry. Our products feature the latest in wireless communication, mobile applications and minimalistic hardware with a focus on providing real-time inventory management as well as theft prevention and recovery tools. Our goal is to help resorts operate in the most cost effective and efficient way so that they can profit wisely while we all continue to play in the terrain we love most.


QuickFLEET is the most efficient and cost-effective solution to manage your Rental Inventory. Designed with the challenges of a Mountain Resort Rental Shop and ski and snowboard fleet in mind, QuickFLEET utilizes the latest mobile technology to seamlessly automate and track your rental fleet without adding complicated processes to your already busy staff.


QuickFLEET allows you to save time and money by automating your rental operation’s check-in and check-out process, Through our dedicated server, a cost-effective handheld scanner and an everyday device such as an iPod touch, you now have the ability to not only fast track your rental processes, but also track location and condition of your fleet, store asset information for concierge services and streamline inventory procedures.

Our QuickFLEET package provides you with real-time reporting, exporting and importing of all your inventory, the ability to register customers as assets and an auto-sync feature that clears your data-stores automatically. You’ll also receive the license for the software, the app, and you’ll be able to track all of your assets throughout unlimited zones, levels and other sub-categories. And… Setup is a breeze!


>> Improve service at the rental counter by seamlessly automating the customer check-out and check-in process and eliminating time-consuming paperwork.
>> Capture key data such as Rental History, Time Stamps, Maintenance Records, Quality Inspections in real time.
>> Reduce staff time spent on rental paperwork by providing tools to track inventory by locations, size and type of rental (ski or snowboard).
>> Store and forward data wirelessly to remote devices for reporting and tracking purposes, even when network connections are not continuously available.
>> Generate reports in seconds to help identify trends and fleet utilization.
>> Reduce theft and gain better control over inventory shrinkage.
>> Utilize existing smartphone, tablet and wireless technology.

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