Speaking activities for intermediate students pdf

Speaking activities for intermediate students pdf
Off2Class has expanded our Speaking Activities designed for Advanced ESL Students… We are proud to announce the release of 14 news Speaking activities at the Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels.
Each set of discussion questions has not only been selected and tested for quick understanding for upper-intermediate students, but consideration has also been given to the students’ abilities in terms of vocabulary, grammar, and the ability to support ideas. Select some of the questions to practice speaking in warm-up activities, discussions, or debates. Some ideas to try include:
The students want more activities/games!” It happens to the best of us, so I’m going to share five proven activities that can be adjusted to work for almost any lesson. Every one of them emphasizes student talk-time, and they are all genuinely fun for both you and the students.

Any teacher who’s been in the business for more than a few months knows it’s important to have short speaking activities on hand to fill in those gaps that inevitably occur during class. Choose a topic that will interest your students. Ask them to write five or more questions about this topic
The activities in this booklet can be used to build speaking skills, to bond a group together or to add fun to your meeting. Most activities take only 10 to 15 minutes …
Two role-plays for practicing tact in a business setting. Good practice for giving negative feedback. Upper-intermediate speaking activity for ESL class.
Activities and questions for speaking with lower-intermediate ESL students. Lower-Intermediate Skill Builders: Speaking. There are twenty questions in each of the below topics for students to discuss. Each set contains a mix of yes/no questions and wh-questions, which provides flexibility. As a teacher, you can select the number of questions, the difficulty level of the questions, and just
Speaking Activities Oral storytelling is a natural way to practice irregular verbs in context. In an intermediate or advanced class, ask a student to tell the class about a past event or …
This is a reading and speaking activity. Students make decisions in pairs or groups with the aim of going on a successful holiday. It is based on a ‘maze’ principle, which gives students different options and a variety of different holiday outcomes.
Every teacher has faced the struggle of encouraging students to speak. Here’s a list of a fun activities to get your students to talking. Here’s a list of a fun activities to get your students to talking.
When planning ESL lessons for intermediate or advanced students it is important to remember to scaffold onto their existing knowledge while challenging them to stretch beyond their comfort zones. This can be accomplished by incorporating real-life situations into their studies. Teaching advanced ESL can be exciting, fun and challenging.

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CAE speaking hexagons game Posted on April 4, 2016 by Gosia Kwiatkowska The objective of this game is to help students practice answering typical exam Part 4 questions , being careful about not monopolising the speaking time , and including the partner in the discussion .
This packet of listening and speaking activities contains just a few of the hundreds of activities available for classroom instruction. The activities are organized by the three skills of language …
A collection of 50 topics with additional learning activities is available as a PDF eBook and an A4 paperback book. Speaking activities A range of speaking activities for adults that are designed to encourage free speaking.
Speaking Activities: Exam Practice. These activity sheets aim to help teachers teach speaking skills to upper-intermediate to advanced level English students.
There is a huge amount of resources in this section for Pre-Intermediate which reflects the fact that students’ communication has improved markedly by the pre-intermediate level. All new language items are well dealt with in this communicative section of Pre-Intermediate.
Liven up your speaking and listening activities with a great range of ideas, resources and display materials.
Teach your students that it is natural to be nervous, but there are presentation skills they can develop to become better at public speaking. Use these ESL speech activities to help students improve their posture, eye contact, gestures, and voice.
This ppt consists of diverse tasks for practising speaking (e.g. picture descriptions, role plays and a mock debate). It can be used for making B2 (or upper-intermediate) level learners speak.
ESL Holiday Conversation Questions Activity – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking – Low intermediate – 40 minutes In this rewarding worksheet activity, students complete holiday conversation questions with ‘Wh’ and yes/no question words and then ask and answer the questions with a partner.

Communicative speaking activities for the ESL classroom, designed by a teacher working in China.
ESL Comparatives and Superlatives Game – Speaking Activity – Pre-intermediate – 25 minutes Here is a fun comparatives and superlatives game for students to play in class. The students are divided into groups of three and each student is given a set of category cards.
There is a wide range ofactivities, which provide . practice in speaking. reading ,md writing. All the . activities have been tried and tested many times in the
Tell me about myself Level: Any Level. This game works well with students at pre-intermediate level or above and can be adapted accordingly. It is an original way of introducing yourself (as a teacher) to a class for the first time, but could also be used later on.
Top 10 ESL Activities for Listening and Speaking If you’re looking for some ESL activities for listening and speaking, you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to give a brief description of our 10 favourite ESL activities that focus on two very important skills-listening and speaking.

In our Activities section you can find Mobile Madness, The Frog Game, and the Space Game – three games for a fun way to learn new language. Downloads Get useful materials to use with in English .
The language production on this one isn’t that high either, but most students will really get into it. You can also use it to point out some extra vocabulary to get a bit more bang for your buck. You can also use it to point out some extra vocabulary to get a bit more bang for your buck.
Controlled pre-intermediate-intermediate speaking activity for transitional debate expressions Speaking activities including mini-debate and controversial statements Two Minute Debates: In this activity, the teacher sets a topic and students debate it in pairs.
Successful English language speaking exercises are perhaps the most interesting and enjoyable part of teaching ESL. Interacting and engaging with students and getting students to interact with each other is possibly the most rewarding and fulfilling part of a language teacher’s job.
Conversation Activities for Intermediate Students. By Learning English with Laughter Inc. Intermediate ESL Activities package includes 3 fun activities – …
ESL Asking Questions Activity – Writing and Speaking – Intermediate – 60 minutes In this asking questions activity, students create job interview questions. Students then role-play a job interview and practice asking and answering the questions.
Writing activities for elementary and intermediate learners arthur brookes and peter grundy Ways of Doing Students explore their everyday and classroom processes paul davis, barbara garside and mario rinvolucri Using Newspapers in the Classroom paul sanderson Teaching Adult Second Language Learners heather mckay and abigail tom Teaching English Spelling A practical guide ruth shemesh …


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Free English Language Worksheets. Downloadable worksheets for ESL/ESOL/EFL teachers. Worksheets by Skill Level. Free Elementary English Worksheets. Free Intermediate English Worksheets. Free Advanced English Worksheets. Worksheets from the Big Books. These worksheets were taken from the Big Grammar Book among others. If you wish, you can download the entirety of …
A basic speaking activity in which students give awards to each other using superlatives. Suitable for pre-intermediate or high beginner ESL. Suitable for pre-intermediate or high beginner ESL. WH-Questions: Speaking Activity (Beginner ESL)
Tag: speaking activities for teenagers Posted in Conversation Classes Plan a Magical Christmas. Posted on December 8, 2016 December 8, 2016 by Tim Warre. Image credit: Party Earth. Follow me on twitter @ RobbioDobbio. This is another Christmas themed lesson plan for intermediate (B1+) teenagers and adults. Students will be required to use smartphones, tablets or laptops as part of the …
Fun Activities That Get Your Students Speaking Home > TEFL Blog > TEFL Classroom & Expert Advice > Fun Activities That Get Your Students Speaking Learning a new language is one of the hardest things to do and speaking in front of the class is a daunting experience, for even the most confident of learners.

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A functional language speaking lesson by Lindsay Clandfield, where students practise giving directions for a metro system in a city. Speaking skills lesson plans: Using OK part 1: worksheet/teacher’s notes – pre-intermediate & upper intermediate
Pre-Intermediate I Communicative activities for students of English iusan Kab “he Lake Schoo sf Enalish A – Interaction Skills Activity Time Grammar and functions Vocabulary (mins}
To help students practise the target language there are speaking and text-based activities, plus a picture activity on everyday objects that people own. Students also learn the difference between possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives. This lesson requires a …
second nature for me develop speaking activities for the classroom. One final thing that I would like to add is that, at KMUTT, I learned a great deal about student …
Some include flashcards, PowerPoint presentations, and games that you can include in your lesson and help your students increase their speaking ability with interesting, educational, and fun activities. Many of our speaking worksheets can be used in a variety of different ways. Some can be used to inspire

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Working in pairs or small groups at this level will be easier for students and the materials therefore will be more ‘flexible’. Check out the ‘Conversation and Discussion Prompts’ further down this page for even freer speaking activities.
Students move around the room and ask each other questions to try to discover the questions that the other students were originally asked. Encourage students to ask follow up questions and try to have a …

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